• One or More Days: Catalina Island, San Clemente Island, Santa Barbara Island, Farnsworth Bank, Palos Verdes Peninsula, Santa Monica Bay, Los Angeles County, Orange County
  • Two or More Days: San Nicolas Island, Begg Rock, Tanner Bank, Cortes Bank, Anacappa Island, San Diego County, wreck alley
  • Three or More Days: San Miguel Island, Santa Rosa Island, Santa Cruz Island, Richardson Rock, Wilson Rock, Boomerang Bank, Bee Rock, Talcot Shoals, Ventura County, Santa Barbara Count

Why should you book your next charter with us?

  • Great Diving – Lush kelp forests, abundant rock reefs, open water pinnacles, wreck dives, huge fish, seals and sea lions, lobster, Great California Diving!  We know the best places to go whether your group are novices, photographers, hunters, or experienced tech divers.  We will go anywhere in Southern California!  From Point Conception to the Mexican Border.
  • Experience – Captain Tim has over 20 years of experience both diving and captaining boats in Southern California.  He and his crew are experts at finding great dive sites.
  • Comfort – The Great Escape is one of the most spacious dive boats (80′ long by 25′ wide) in California.  Your group will enjoy large bunks and staterooms, the huge galley, four hot showers, two heads, a huge deck, and tank racks with benches.
  • Good Food – We have great food with meals made from fresh ingredients.  For dinner we often have BBQ steaks, roast turkey, or ham.  We will provide for your special culinary requests, please negotiate this when you book your charter.
  • Service – Our crew and I work hard to provide you with world class service, from the time you first call us, until you are home from your trip.
  • Profit – Our rates are incredibly competitive.  This gives you the chance to make a good profit from your charter if you are a dive shop or tour operator.  If you are a club, you will be able to offer your members low rates.

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